Hi my name is Melissa.  I live in sunny Cairns, Far North Queensland, Australia.
I have two beautiful boys, Ezekiel and Xaviar, and an even more beautiful fiance, Rod.
I’m a closet nerd, I really like sci-fi and books, or a combination of the two lol. 
Curling up with a good book is one of life’s ultimate pleasures.
I like to cook cakes (and eat them as well, of course!).  I’d rather cook something sweet any day than sweat over a stove cooking dinner. Unfortunately home life does not run smoothly when fueled by cake alone!!
I have a lovely family, most of whom these days don’t live too far away, which is great after over a decade of being long distance.
I have the luxury of staying at home with my little boys to watch them grow up.   I’m not saying it’s always easy, some days I feel like I’m living in the nuthouse,  but mostly I love it!
I’ve just recently starting card making and crafting, and am finding it really fun (and slightly addictive!)
I thought a blog might be a good way to join in with other crafters online and participate in creative challenges.
The world of blogging is very new and a little daunting, but didn’t someone once say “every great online adventure begins with a single click” 🙂

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  1. Loved reading this post Lis! Can’t wait to see more of your creations!!

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