Is this challenge 10?

This was a great challenge!  Which is obviously why it took me SO long 🙂

Michelle set this one and these were her specs;   You must make a stationery set
It must be able to hold a pen
It must open & close
You must use at least 2 stamps
It must have embossing
You must use at least 2 patterend papers.

The inspiration for this one  simply came from a friend who liked one of the stamps I used on some of my other work.  So I thought why not use it for this, maybe she’ll get this box in the mail as a gift one day, who knows lol.               

I found a great tutorial for a stationery box at Splitcoast Stampers and another tutorial on Utube for the same thing with slightly more thorough instructions which really helped me out.

.    I tried for gold heat embossing the leaves onto magazine paper, but I just couldn’t get the powder to melt down.  Heat embosser tool from Santa maybe?  🙂

 Opened out view

Regular cards 

3×3 cards

  These are unfinished gift tags, no hole punch can you believe that?!

Loved this as a challenge, but all the different elements bogged me down.  I think I kept wanting to flash up the cards instead of making them very simple and therefore easier lol.  It was an awesome learning experience, and I gained alot of insight into how to make multiple cards.   I’ve got some great ideas for the next box I make and I’m sure it’ll be much easier now I know what I’m doing, sort of!    

Take care xo’s


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