I’ve lost my motivation!  I just want to lay in bed and re-read the Twilight series lately, what is going on!  I need to get out of my pjs and back to the craft table to play with my toys……….. not rehash the angst of teenage vampire romance!!  Ah Edward Cullen!  (the book version, not the movie!  I’d pick the ‘movie’ Jacob over the “movie’ Edward anyday!  See easily distracted)

  Not to mention all the housework related jobs I’m neglecting and of course the kids sometimes need stuff too lol!   Maybe I should just toss ALL my books and go cold turkey, they are all just too tempting as distractions.  Then I should toss my modem too I suppose, because I waste a phenomenal amount of time catching up on Tv shows online!  Parenthood, Offspring, Glee, Modern Family and the list goes on, tsk tsk.    I’ll post something  crafty with pics soon I swear, now  back to Breaking Dawn!!


One response to “Distracted

  1. Cmon now young lady I am waiting for your completed challenge piece. Your to talented to stop!!! I love looking at your work so back to the paper young lady!!!

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