Challenge 9

Well we’ve had a long break from challenges lately!  I’ve been busy moving into our new house and trying to organise us into mortgage-paying mode.  I’m still trying to get the house into a suitable order to take some pics that I’m happy to post………it might take a year or so!

 And I know that the everyone else has been pretty hectic too lol.

I really only got the will to get back to the craft table today, of course the day the challenge is due.  I think Carmel decided to set one this week to try and prod us back into creativity .  She said to make something that is inspired by the nursery rhyme ” Ring a Rosey”.  I had to mention that I once heard that this rhyme has it’s origins somewhere in the plague or influenza era, when all the little children had “rosey ” cheeks and then” all fell down”, I’m not sure how true that actually is, maybe it’s an urban myth. 

Despite that, I decided not to dwell on the morbid and made a nice flowery card inspired by the rosey and posey parts of the verse.  I love this flower paper from Stampin up, I’m not really that into flowery myself, but I think it looks fine 🙂

Thanks for visiting.



3 responses to “Challenge 9

  1. Very Nice Melissa, such a pretty card. Glad to see your back into it. I have not completed mine because I have a sick child who just isn’t getting better. I will try to get that done tomorrow. Hope you are coming on Sunday would love to catch up.

  2. Great work Lis! I also love the paper. I too thought of the rosey and posey part when i picked this challenge, not the poor sick kiddies lol.
    Love the colours and border punch as well!! It’s way cute!!

  3. Hey there, sort-of-cousin… I had no idea you did papercraft! and your cards are just gorgeous; I REALLY love the last one where you wrapped the greeting in cellophane — super cute!
    Now you don’t seem to have any ‘follow’ button anywhere, so I’d like to link to your blog from mine if that’s OK.
    My crafty blog is
    If you don’t want me to link, just let me know and I’ll take it down. 🙂

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