Challenge #7 Fathers Day

This week it was Michelle’s turn to set the challenge.  She made it a Fathers Day theme, considering that Dad’s day was on the weekend following our deadline.  Make a 3D project, anything at all, for Father’s Day.

This was easy for me, Rod is such a great father to our 2 boys, so I didn’t need much motivation to celebrate that fact!  I don’t really have a “dad” myself,  so I really appreciate what Rod brings to our boys in the father department.  Love you Rod!!

I found a great tutorial for a Scrapbook Wallet on the Splitcoast Stampers website that I decided to use.  It was very easy to follow and not too complicated for me as a beginner 🙂  It was just labour intensive to decorate with 12 photos to scrapbook!  I feel like I used a kilo of adhesive too, I got sooo tired of peeling off the double sided backing, and cursed myself that I’d not ordered some more Snail adhesive, though I would probably have used 2 refills in one go!!  I really thought this wallet was going to weight a ton by the time I’d finished, so I couldn’t resist weighing it when I was done.  I could not believe it only weighed in at 200gms lol.

Being that there were so many folds, I found it a bit hard to photograph this project, so I made a video.  I’ve never loaded a video before so this could be interesting!


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