Is this challenge 10?

This was a great challenge!¬† Which is obviously why it took me SO long ūüôā

Michelle set this one and these were her specs;   You must make a stationery set
It must be able to hold a pen
It must open & close
You must use at least 2 stamps
It must have embossing
You must use at least 2 patterend papers.

The inspiration for this one¬† simply came from a friend who liked one of the stamps I used on some of my other work.¬† So I thought why not use it for this, maybe she’ll get¬†this box in¬†the mail as a gift one day, who knows lol.¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†

I found a great tutorial for a stationery box at Splitcoast Stampers and another tutorial on Utube for the same thing with slightly more thorough instructions which really helped me out.

.¬† ¬† I tried¬†for gold heat¬†embossing the leaves onto magazine paper, but I just couldn’t get the powder to melt down.¬† Heat embosser tool from Santa maybe?¬† ūüôā

 Opened out view

Regular cards 

3×3 cards

  These are unfinished gift tags, no hole punch can you believe that?!

Loved this as a challenge, but all the different elements bogged me down.¬† I think I kept wanting to flash up the cards instead of making them very simple and therefore easier lol.¬† It was an awesome learning experience, and I gained alot of insight into how to make multiple cards.¬† ¬†I’ve got some great ideas for the next¬†box I make and I’m sure it’ll be much easier now I know what I’m doing, sort of!¬†¬†¬†¬†

Take care xo’s



I’ve lost my motivation!¬† I just want to lay in bed and re-read the Twilight series lately, what is going on!¬† I need to get out of my¬†pjs and¬†back to¬†the craft table¬†to play with my toys……….. not rehash the angst of teenage vampire romance!!¬† Ah Edward Cullen!¬† (the book version, not the movie!¬† I’d pick the ‘movie’ Jacob over the “movie’ Edward anyday!¬† See easily distracted)

¬† Not to mention all the housework related jobs I’m neglecting and of course the kids sometimes¬†need stuff¬†too lol!¬†¬† Maybe I should just toss¬†ALL my books and go cold turkey, they are all just too tempting as distractions.¬† Then I should toss my modem too I suppose, because I waste a phenomenal amount of time catching up on Tv shows online!¬† Parenthood, Offspring, Glee, Modern Family and the list goes on, tsk tsk.¬†¬†¬† I’ll post something¬† crafty with pics soon¬†I swear, now¬† back to Breaking Dawn!!

Challenge 9

Well we’ve had a long break from challenges lately!¬† I’ve been busy moving into our new house and trying to organise¬†us into mortgage-paying mode.¬† I’m still trying to get the house into a suitable order to take some pics that I’m happy to¬†post………it might take a year or so!

 And I know that the everyone else has been pretty hectic too lol.

I really only got the will to get back to the craft table today, of course the day the challenge is due.¬† I think Carmel decided to set one this week to try and prod us back into creativity .¬† She said to¬†make something that is inspired by the nursery rhyme ” Ring a Rosey”.¬† I had to mention that I once heard that this rhyme has it’s origins somewhere in the plague or influenza era, when all the little children had “rosey ” cheeks and then” all fell down”, I’m not sure how true that actually is, maybe it’s an urban myth.¬†

Despite that, I decided not to dwell on the morbid and made a nice flowery card inspired by the rosey and posey parts of the verse.¬† I love this flower paper from Stampin up, I’m not really that into flowery myself, but I think it looks fine ūüôā

Thanks for visiting.


Lollipop Ladies Challenge #3

Over at  the Lollipop Ladies, they set a challenge this week with lollipops as the inspiration.  Given their lovely name I would have thought that would be the muse for the first challenge lol!

I missed the last challenge. I’m moving house and sometimes I have to get off the computer, or even stop crafting! So I was determined to be in on this one.


Lollipop/ flowers, which I made by rough cutting some circles, distressing them and inking the edges, then placing a little brad in the middle.¬† Rolled some cardstock for the sticks( Stampin¬†Up Kraft), which was hilarious because I’d never done it before and it was harder than I’d thought!!¬† I think I should have gone with a thinner card, but I wanted that colour and was¬†being stubborn ūüôā¬† I used the eyelet border punch on the white because I think it makes it look like a little doily.¬† I love the designer paper which is actually christmas theme I think.¬† I was hard pressed to find a way to put in the cellophane, but eventually decided to wrap the stamped greeting like a lolly.¬† I don’t tend to use bright colours in my projects, but I’m happy with how this came up.


Challenge #8

I have a back log of uploads and posts to do, because we went over our download limit 10 days ago!!¬† Eek, not good ūüôā¬† Couldn’t browse through people’s¬†photos and videos,¬†geez what did I do before broadband.

So it was my turn to set the challenge this week.  Once again with not much forethought!  Really should be more organised! 

I said make a wedding invite.  Just for something different.


Click on image to enlarge.

Heat embossing is my new novelty, and I really like the tearing effect, I seem to do it on most things if you hadn’t noticed!¬† And I just got a new eyelet border punch which is fun!¬† Hehe TOYS!!

I wouldn’t want to actually make 50 to 100 of these for actual invites though ūüôā¬†


Challenge #7 Fathers Day

This week it was Michelle’s turn to set the challenge.¬† She made it a Fathers Day theme, considering that Dad’s day was on the weekend following our deadline.¬† Make a 3D project, anything at all, for Father’s Day.

This was¬†easy for me, Rod is such a great father to our 2 boys,¬†so¬†I didn’t need much motivation to celebrate that fact!¬† I don’t really¬†have a “dad” myself,¬† so I really appreciate what¬†Rod brings to our boys in the father department.¬† Love you Rod!!

I found a great tutorial for a Scrapbook Wallet on the Splitcoast Stampers website that I decided to use.¬† It was very easy to follow and not too complicated for me as a beginner ūüôā¬† It was just labour intensive to decorate with 12 photos to scrapbook! ¬†I feel like I used a kilo of adhesive too, I got sooo tired of peeling off the double sided backing, and cursed myself that I’d not ordered some more Snail adhesive, though I would probably have used 2 refills in one go!!¬† I really thought this wallet was going to weight a ton by the time I’d finished, so I couldn’t resist weighing it when I was done.¬† I could not believe it only weighed in at 200gms lol.

Being that there were so many folds, I found it a bit hard to photograph this project, so I made a video.¬† I’ve never loaded a video before so this could be interesting!

Father’s Day Card

I made this card for Rod’s dad (my father in-law) for father’s day obviously!

I’ve made something for Rod as well of course, but I’ll not post it here until after sunday on the off chance he looks at his wifes blog occasionally lol.

I just love how the clear embossing came up on the front.